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Welcome to the Gadget demo site! The Gadget template runs on the ClickBump Framework. If you don’t have it, please visit the sales page to pick up a copy.

This site exemplifies ClickBump theme’s flexibility to create any type of website. This site is optimized as a tight Silo which utilizes categories and menu management to define the silo. This exact same theme can be used to create a squeeze page, an attractive local business site, or even a real estate listings site

This site was created in less than 30 minutes. If you want to emulate the site, you can download the settings.ini file and import it into your ClickBump enabled site via “ClickBump > Misc > Settings Manager > Import Settings”.

I was able to clone an existing site and install it here in less than 10 minutes using this incredible cloning/backup plugin.

Once I did that, I just installed the Gadget template and selected it as my default for this site, modified a few items that I wanted to feature here (the category index) and I’m good to go.

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